About Us


Headhunting and Executive Search

Sekse & Hogstad specializes in the recruitment of executives and senior specialists for the oil, energy and industry sector. We have a stated goal to be the sector’s preferred recruitment partner. The company has a well established position in the market, a loyal client base and an extensive network of contacts. Through the years we have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most exciting companies in the world – locally, regionally and internationally.

The experience we have gained we incorporate into our daily work. It suggests that the greatest minds are not found through advertised recruitment alone. Our main focus lies within the direct search for candidates, often referred to as Executive Search. Our greatest asset is our unique industry-specific expertise combined with our academically achieved consultants. These assets allow us to provide our services with a high degree of accuracy.

Our most important tool when facing the market is our work methodology. We emphasize quality and confidentiality in all of our processes and work toward our vision to create good and lasting results that give our clients a greater competitive edge and increased profitability.

Management Consulting and Business Development

As a result of rapid changes in a company’s framed structure there might be periods of time when a person with competencies and skills other than their own is needed.

Sekse & Hogstad insert themselves into companies where the owners see potential for improvement.

We enter a company’s board of directors, we can replace key employees who have left the business and we participate in strategic management and the development of new concepts of business.

We specialize in working with board of directors, operational management, change management, profitability analysis and risk analysis, as well as finance and debt negotiations.



– We can always guarantee confidentiality when the client needs it


– We shall act openly and honestly toward our clients and candidates


– We will seek unbiased solutions


– Our processes shall be experienced as positive and inspiring


– We are open and respectful toward other people’s opinions